Tanderrum 2017


Tanderrum was on again this week. I get along to this most years, and it’s just brilliant.

This event is remarkable in that it brings together all five nations of the Kulin for ceremony – Wurundjeri, Boon Wurrung, Wathaurong, Taungerong and Dja Dja Wurrung (Jaara Jaara) – a rare and special event.

It’s not uncommon to hear people in Melbourne say “there’s no Aboriginal people around here …”, and it’s a fair question for people with a stereotypical view of what they think an Indigenous Australian might look like.

Tenderrum is a free public event where where you can have your stereotypes blown apart. You get to experience and ‘feel’ a living cultural connection to the the land we live on here in Melbourne. Not only that – but you can get a little bit educated about what’s what and who’s who if you take the time to ask a few respectful questions here and there.

I sat next to a fantastic bloke who talked me through some of the basics of Kulin nations (groups of people) versus language names, and also some of the challenges around the politics of various groups.

I have great respect for these Elders and leaders who are tirelessly (and often thanklessly) serving not only their own communities, but the wider community also.

This event is a must-do for those that still think Aboriginal cultures and people have disappeared down here in the South East of Australia.

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About Tanderrum: From Ibijerri’s website…

Tanderrum is a ceremony of the five clans of the Central Kulin Nation—a communal celebration that reaches across time to a tradition that has been hidden since European arrival. Five years ago the Kulin Nation brought Tanderrum back to central Melbourne  … With sand, fire, leaves and bark a space is made, and it’s a space to be shared.

Note: I obtained permission to create photos at the event, and have shared images with people directly where possible. If you know someone pictured – let me know as I’d love to send them a copy. These images are non-commercial and not for sale. Do not share or re-post without the right permissions please.

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  1. Captures the emotions with truth and feeling!
    Pete is in tune with their strength, culture and is capable of capturing this on film.

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