I suffer from the tyranny of the perfect answer. I tend to see two sides of most arguments, and then often get stuck trying to work out how to come up with a position that covers everything.

This doesn’t really work if you want to get on with the business of making a difference in the world.

So the more I think about Australia having a day that tries to celebrate all the good bits of our nation on a day that represents the bad bits, (actually the really bad bits) … the more ludicrous the whole thing seems. Let’s just get on and #changethedate already!

However, (and here’s the other side of the story) this day can actually help those of us who have a lot of listening to do, actually do some listening, and some learning. About our past. About the invasion, colonisation and genocide that happened. About the current pain this still causes in communities all over the nation. And about the life experiences of Aboriginal people. Maybe this day could be a memorial AND a celebration?

So, in light of not coming up the perfect answer yet – I turned up, listened, and made some art as a way to walk alongside.

Here’s a good website that can help you grapple with your ansers.  changethedate.com.au


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